This week we’re fantasizing about a golden age of travel.

The epoch of artfully-designed transport posters and ample leg room in economy category might be prolonged gone, though that doesn’t stop many consumers from pining for a time when transport was hypothetically easier and some-more glamourous. This also relates to transport technology. What’s newer isn’t indispensably better, and transport marketers need to consider if their everlasting rollout of new record facilities honestly improves a transport knowledge for guests.

Reconsidering Vintage Travel and Outdated Travel Technology
The mantra of a stream digital epoch is one of progress: newer undoubtedly equals better. But when it comes to “outdated” technologies like selected airstream trailers or film cameras, a many new product innovations don’t always equal a best in a eyes of consumers. As tourism boards, hotels and airlines consider about what creates their brands special, it’s a good pointer that invoking a analog glamor of selected travel can infrequently trump new-fangled digital selling and technology. Read more

Wyndham Turns to Text Messages to Boost Mobile Conversion
Staying with a thesis that newer record isn’t always a best or many effective, Wyndham Worldwide is branch to SMS messaging to try and boost mobile acclimatisation for a Wyndham Extra Holidays subsidiary. Realizing that a good suit of bookings were entrance from mobile devices, a organisation is rolling out a array of 13 holiday-themed offers, with discounts of adult to 70% off, accessible usually to guest that pointer adult to accept alerts. Read more

Global Distribution Players Create New Startup Funds, Tech Partnerships
JetBlue isn’t a usually transport association looking to Silicon Valley and a startup universe to assistance fuel creation initiatives. Global placement complement players Travelport and Amadeus are increasingly investing in startup universe as well. “By enchanting entrepreneurially-minded individuals, we can try new product ideas, countenance their fit in a industry, and emanate value for a whole transport value chain,” pronounced Jason Nash, conduct of selling and product incubation for Travelport. Read more

Lufthansa Set to Roll Out App-Based Luggage Tracking for Fliers
Lufthansa Airlines announced this week that it skeleton to launch a new mobile luggage tracking complement for fliers. The system, that is singular to a singular luggage manufacturer (RIMOWA) for now, might vigilance a wider pierce by airlines to welcome digital luggage tracking record for guest in a nearby future. Read more

Using Mobile Convenience to Boost Hotel Revenue
By now, many in a hotel industry have embraced mobile-focused services like keyless room entry and mobile check-in. But many hotels are still not seizing the opportunity to use such mobile-focused guest services to boost their bottom line. Among a areas of low-hanging fruit are in-the-moment purchases of room upgrades and food and libation requests. Read more

New Startup Lets Customers Search for Destinations Based on Budget
A flourishing operation of transport startups and technology tools are catering to window-shopping travelers who have a bill in mind, though are still uncertain on their destination. One new instance of such a use is Wherefor, that lets users hunt for a end formed on a volume of income they wish to spend on hotel and flight. Read more

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