CHICAGO–()–Vibes, a mobile selling leader,
currently launched a transactional messaging resolution to capacitate enterprises
to energy programmed use messaging programs opposite mobile channels,
and expelled a 2016 Transactional Messaging Consumer Report, which
examines consumer perceptions and preferences in service-based messaging.

Transactional or service-based mobile messages have spin engrained
into consumers’ expectations for a brands they covenant with. Using
Vibes’ Catapult height and APIs, business users can set adult messages
and rules, that are triggered by “events,” such as shipping updates,
use prompts, estimate alerts, product updates and more.

The new consumer news from Vibes found clever approach for service-based
mobile messages. Two in 3 consumers pronounced shipping alerts for online
orders, smoothness alerts and remuneration confirmations would boost their
odds of creation a purchase.

Esurance Offers Customers Mobile-Based Transactional Messages

Leading adult to a launch of a product, Vibes worked with select
partners like Esurance to confederate and exam a new service. Esurance
grown some-more than 20 singular transactional messages, trimming from
updates that a car is prepared during a correct emporium to an warning that
additional info is indispensable to continue resolution a homeowner’s claim. The
pull to mobile-based transactional messages authorised Esurance to stay on
a slicing corner of new service-based messaging technology, and offer
their business an attention heading resolution to name how they wanted
to promulgate with a brand.

“A vast partial of a business is centered around patron use and
innovating in ways that we can make their lives easier with a fast,
low-effort experience. As a business increasingly cite to
promulgate and bond with us by their mobile devices, Vibes
self-service messaging resolution helps us accommodate that approach in a seamless,
some-more complicated way,” pronounced Eric Brandt, arch claims officer during Esurance.
“Vibes’ transactional messaging apparatus not usually gives a self-directed
business some-more options to stay updated on their claims standing around text
messages, though it also gives us a ability to control communication
preferences and benefit prominence into how a business are actually
interacting with a messages – all from a singular interface. As a
result, we can urge a tangible messages we’re sending, increase
potency and eventually assistance expostulate income by delivering a better
patron experience.”

2016 Transactional Messaging Consumer Report Finds Strong Demand for
Service-Based Mobile Messages

Based on recently prisoner information from over 1,000 consumers, Vibes’ study
found that today’s consumers design — and acquire — service-based
communications from a companies they covenant with. Whether it’s an
warning that their remuneration has been processed or their sequence has shipped,
these organic notifications broach extensive value to consumers by
gripping them updated on their several interactions with a business.

Key commentary include:

  • Mobile phones are a No. 1 elite device for service-based
    – The infancy of consumers (70 percent) cite to
    accept service-based messages on their mobile phone.
  • Service-based messages emanate a rival advantage
    84 percent of consumers settled service-based messaging has an impact
    on their welfare to select one association over another.
  • Including pivotal sum and delivering service-based messages
    now drives satisfaction
    – Conveying elementary information (e.g.,
    time, date, tracking information) and speed are a many important
    facilities of service-based messages in terms of definitely impacting
    patron satisfaction.
  • Text messaging is a fastest communication channel for purchase
    – Most consumers (78 percent) pronounced a calm summary is
    a fastest approach to be reached for critical use updates on

Vibes’ Transactional Mobile Messaging Solution

In and with this report, Vibes announced a general
accessibility of transactional messaging facilities in a Catapult
height and best-in-class APIs for systems integration. This solution
enables enterprises to energy programmed use messaging programs across
mobile channels, including calm (SMS and MMS), pull and mobile wallet
(Apple Wallet and Android Pay). Business users can use Vibes’ mobile
selling platform, Catapult™, to execute, personalize and measure
transactional and use updates on customers’ elite mobile

“With a craving change to mobile, mobile messaging has spin a top
priority and element to email strategies to yield a best
knowledge probable for customers,” pronounced Jack Philbin, co-founder and
CEO of Vibes. “Transactional messaging on mobile provides an immense
eventuality to benefit a non-marketing mobile hold point, expostulate cost
assets and innovate your brand. We’re already saying vast enterprises
spin to Vibes to gain on a immediacy of mobile and power
transactional messaging programs to strech consumers on their most
devoted and heavily used device in a approach that is easy for them.”

Key facilities include:

  • Channel prioritization – Catapult allows enterprises to
    orchestrate, prioritize and broach transactional and use updates
    to business around SMS, MMS, pull notifications, and Apple Wallet and
    Android Pay notifications.
  • User-friendly transactional messaging templates and proof
    Catapult allows technical and non-technical users to emanate actual
    summary templates, refurbish summary calm and set adult summary logic.
  • Real-time in-platform stating and analytics – Catapult’s
    worldly stating capabilities can control low cross-channel
    research to assistance business users know transactional messaging’s
    impact on a patron experience.
  • Subscription government and URL cutting built-in – Catapult
    allows users to activate several in-app facilities practical to
    transactional messaging, including a built-in URL shortener and
    subscription government opposite channels and summary types.
  • Unique APIs for messaging and transactions – Catapult splits,
    or “decouples,” messaging calm from a transactional APIs,
    permitting for cross-channel subscriber, channel and welfare logic
  • Flexible eventuality API – Catapult’s transactional messaging
    capabilities in a UI safeguard API integrations are future-proof,
    permitting business users to equivocate extensive growth times to make
    elementary updates.

More information about Vibes:

About Vibes

Vibes is a mobile selling record personality that helps some of the
world’s biggest brands clear new income by defending them with the
record and superintendence they need to attain in mobile marketing. Vibes’
Catapult Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) height enables marketers
to control all mobile communications including calm messaging, push
notifications, Apple Wallet (formerly called Passbook), Android Pay
(formerly called Google Wallet) and mobile web campaigns — all from a
singular interface. Vibes has delivered some-more than 8 billion mobile
practice given 1998 on interest of business such as Chipotle, Sears,
Home Depot, Verizon, Allstate, The Gap, Pep Boys, Men’s Wearhouse, and
Gannett. Vibes is a Tier 1 aggregator with approach connectors to all
U.S. wireless carriers. To learn some-more about Vibes, visit or
bond on

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