There was some talk, not prolonged ago, about Twitter looking to mislay their 140-character extent that has been in place given a pregnancy scarcely 10 years ago. In fact, a 140-character extent is unequivocally what tangible Twitter. Back in 2006, Twitter was founded, and was displaying it’s extent on characters after a SMS limit. SMS or content messages were singular to 160 characters, and Twitter motionless that a other 20 characters would be used for links, nonetheless links do still count in a 140-character limit, so that didn’t make most sense.

Recently Twitter extended their DM extent from 140 characters to 10,000 characters. Making it so that we can send messages as prolonged as we want. But it looks like a regular, open posts will sojourn during 140 characters, during slightest for now. Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey was on a Today Show and settled that a extent was staying, “it’s a good imprisonment for us and it allows for of-the-moment brevity.” So this means that tweet-storms will continue to hang around, during slightest for a foreseeable future.

The association is still looking during ways to get their users some-more concerned and spending some-more time on Twitter. Not usually to grow their strech by adding some-more users, though by carrying their existent users spending some-more time on a platform, it’ll lead to them being means to make some-more income from advertising. Which is also good, and it will move in some-more advertisers as well. Twitter has been around for 10 years, though it usually unequivocally started to benefit in recognition around 2009. That’s when many started picking adult on a platform, and some celebrities got involved. Since then, we’ve seen Twitter turn incorporated in only about all we do. We see it on TV shows regulating their possess hashtag for Twitter, some use it as a approach to make a check on a TV uncover – that gets their hashtag into a trending topics and some-more eyes onto that show. It’s a good selling height as well. As we can strech out to anyone, basically.

Twitter has grown adult in these 10 years, though a 140-character extent appears to be a consistent and will continue to be.

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