You can’t kick a ubiquity of content messaging. It works on each phone, even those we have to flip to close.

But such record is still untapped by some businesses when it comes to reaching out to customers. Agoura Hills, Calif.-based TouchCommerce, a provider of online rendezvous solutions, thinks businesses who destroy to capacitate content are blank a primary event — and has a resolution to change this.

TouchSMS lets companies rivet with business by content messaging so they can some-more fast answer questions or discourse about their product.

Sometimes Simple Is Best

Marina Kalika, a company’s comparison executive of product marketing, pronounced SMS messaging creates clarity in a lot of ways as an choice for businesses to strech out to customers. Most smartphone users hang to a tiny organisation of core apps, and content messaging is one of them. 

“It engages a user on a channel they’re already at,” she said. “We’ve looked during user behavior, and found there’s customarily about 5 core apps that people hang to.”

If a patron navigates to a company’s website from a smartphone, they’d be means to get a most faster response by being means to content a summary and get a fast respond instead of navigating by several sub-pages.

The resolution taps America’s adore event with text.

A report last year from Seattle-based Informate Mobile Intelligence, that marks and measures consumer use of smartphones in 12 countries, found that US smartphone users creates or answers 6 phone calls per day, send and accept 32 texts and spend 14 mins. on chat/VOIP apps per day.

In contrast, a news found that smartphone users in 9 of a 12 countries totalled spent a bulk of their time on chat/VOIP and a slightest volume texting.

A Whole Lotta Touch

TouchSMS is a latest prolongation of several products from TouchCommerce that pull on a hold theme.

The association offers a extensive apartment that expands on a hold theme, with other products like TouchSell, TouchConnect and TouchMedia. They are designed to support a operation of ways in that business correlate with a company’s product via a whole cycle of shopping and selling.

Josefine Fouarge, a product offered manager for TouchCommerce, pronounced that form of proceed means TouchSMS could enhance during some indicate over SMS messaging to present messaging platforms, that are another renouned approach for people to communicate.

“SMS is still a really renouned channel everywhere,” she said. “We are looking into formation with Facebook Messenger, yet that’s still a channel that needs to be explored.”

Facebook wants to build out a Messenger use as an e-commerce platform, where people could make purchases or perform other exchange by a service. 

The judgment is throwing on with SnapCash from a impassioned SnapChat, and monetization has been hinted as one of a reasons Apple might confirm to take a iMessage use over iOS. Get prepared for a universe where everybody wants to make messaging a partial of their business platform.

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