wayne dyerIs mobile selling a destiny of broadside pushes in a edition world? We’re about to find out.

According to an proclamation this week from Sports Entertainment Publishing, a edition association is targeting a opted-in readership with SMS notifications of a company’s latest and rarely argumentative and unapproved recover — one that strives to hit acclaimed author Wayne Dyer down a peg.

“As an author of some of a bestselling self-help books of all time, Dyer became a favourite to millions,” a publisher pronounced this week. “But as distinguished proclivity blogger and author Tony Robbin observes in his fascinating and controversial new work, a bequest of Wayne Dyer is eventually one where a man’s summary can not and should not take a backseat to a male himself.”

The message, Robbin argues in his essay, is distant bigger and some-more critical than any one man.

Will a selling pull for a new book works as it lands on mobile inclination this week? We’ll know when a initial sales total for a new book are expelled publicly.

For now, to check out “The Message, Not a Man: An Unauthorized Work About a Life and Legacy of Dr. Wayne Dyer,” click here.

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