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Glossgenius uses mobile to bond with clients

Glossgenius acts as a digital assistant

By Brielle Jaekel

Sephora is a latest tradesman attempting to pull mobile innovation by ancillary several entrepreneurs with forward-looking takes on a purpose of smartphones in engagement beauty appointments and moving shoppers.

Candace Mitchell, Carolina Grove and Danielle Cohen-Shohet are immature women who have done strides in a beauty tech universe with platforms and applications that concede users to book appointments and find inspiration. These startup ideas have stirred Sephora to select them, among several others, for a module that gives these women a collection to perform a intensity of these concepts, starting with a one-week bootcamp.

“The destiny is function now on mobile and by amicable channels,” pronounced Corrie Conrad, conduct of Social Impact during Sephora. “I saw a beginnings of a pierce toward mobile several years ago when we worked during Google, and now during Sephora have seen a aptitude and significance of these channels in retail.

“Sephora Accelerate aims to supply a conspirator with a certainty and collection to succeed, and a mobile and amicable plan need to be partial of that,” she said. “Through a program, a initial Sephora Accelerate conspirator will have entrance to experts from Sephora and a network who will be means to share from their practice and best practices schooled along a way.”

Sephora’s startups
The beauty tradesman recently announced a lineup for a Sephora Accelerate Cohort, that is geared toward ancillary women entrepreneurs as they are underrepresented in business startups. Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Grove and Ms. Cohen-Shohet are among a selected women building tech innovations in beauty.

Ms. Mitchell is obliged for a data-driven amicable platform, named Myavana, that provides personal recommendations for consumers looking for discernment on hair products and services. Ms. Grove is a owner of Stylerz, a mobile height that connects users with beauty salons, spas, barbers and eccentric professionals in Mexico to book appointments.


Users can bond with one of Myavana’s protected hair caring veteran for a giveaway consultation

Glossgenius, combined by Ms. Cohen-Shohet, is a digital height designed for mobile, that pairs SMS with an optimized Web site formulating a digital partner for eccentric beauticians. The digital portal gives them a ability to conduct schedules and their business with collection for selling and patron interaction.


Glossgenius’ engagement platform

The module is in a foe format, starting out with a bootcamp to structure business models, marketplace analysis, expansion plans, and appropriation plan finale with a Demo Day in San Francisco.

Trained designers and beauty experts will be operative with a women to assistance beam them by business. There is also a mentorship module in that any lady will be reserved a coach to help.

Each eventuality will be expense-free for those recently selected and will also accept grants of $2,500 as good as other funding.

Sephora innovation
A Sephora executive during eTail West 2016 discussed a beauty brand’s concentration on collecting particular patron information in further to information gleaned from a faithfulness module as it ramps adult to expostulate sales among visit and first-time business (see more).

In a thoughtfulness of protracted reality’s flourishing purpose in beauty, Sephora also brought a record to a far-reaching assembly around a new focus underline that enables users to probably try on opposite mouth shades (see more).

“We are saying some good creation with amicable and mobile from a cohort,” Ms. Conrad said. “For example, one of a founders actively uses her amicable media following for A/B exam naming, pricing and tag-lines and even to beta exam earthy product, while another is regulating amicable media to teach and build an ongoing attribute with her business that creates her among a tip influencers online.

“Several others are building mobile apps and have backgrounds in mechanism science,” she said. “Each Fellow in a conspirator has opposite strengths they move and we’re vehement to build a understanding village with such an extraordinary organisation of women.”

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