While Spotify is acquiring startups expand its messaging and amicable features, Pandora is also raising its diversion in a artist-to-fan communications sphere for musicians to improved aim Pandora’s 80 million users. Today, a song streaming association is rising a use called AMPcast — a use to let musicians “speak to their fans” by approach of audio messages that they can record fast on their mobile phones and post to run in conjunction with their song streams.

Mobile-AAM_for-Deck_TrevorChildsThe new underline comes during an engaging time. Just yesterday we wrote about a new use called Superphone. Coded by musician Ryan Leslie, it’s a super light chronicle of an artist’s communication apparatus that uses SMS and user’s phone numbers to send approach messages to fans. It includes facilities like geo-targeting and a ability to shred formed on prior actions like what song or sell a user buys. The presentation of Superphone, to me, is a pointer of how artists are not only in need of some-more collection to marketplace themselves in a cut-throat, skinny domain universe of digital song — though also of how some are looking to take matters into their possess hands.

The new underline launch is also entrance adult forward of Pandora’s most expected formation and destiny roadmap in a arise of a merger of Rdio.

It looks like AMPcast is subsequent generation product of Artist Audio Messages, which Pandora owner Tim Westergren initial launched a year ago and has had 152 million messages listened to date.

AMPcast, in contrariety to Artist Audio Messages, is totally self-serve as artists can emanate and record messages now right from their phone, a association tells me. It also gives artists a ability to lane stats on those audio messages. “Previously artist had to record these messages in studio and it was not as streamlined,” a orator said. At a same time, Pandora is touting a a lot of success for a existent audio summary product. It claimed click-through rates as high as 17.67% from fans to hear a new manuscript recover from DJ Stephen Aoiki.

AMPcast will be a partial of Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform, a company’s interface for artists and their teams to conduct profiles and other facilities on Pandora.

The association says that a standard forms of calm in these audio messages will be unsentimental info like debate or unison dates, manuscript recover dates, or only anecdotes. The messages can be related adult with a ability to buy albums and tickets.

“AMPcast has a intensity to change a contingency for musicians,” pronounced Tim Westergren, Pandora’s founder, and former furloughed musician, in a statement. “This absolute tool, total with a scale and strech of Pandora, gives each gifted and industrious artist a genuine shot to build a career in music. Marketing and graduation for artists will never be a same.”

Pandora says AMPcast is live starting currently to “a name organisation of artists” with a wider recover in “coming months.”

A small preview of how it works is below:

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