The new products use personalized, online interviews to rivet and cross-sell financial products to existent business opposite digital channels including: online, mobile, mobile-SMS, and amicable media. Based on prolongation performance, bank marketers are means to boost formula from display-based cross-selling campaigns by 50-fold, on average.

Micronotes addresses one of a biggest hurdles confronting financial institutions – meaningful if and when a competent patron is looking to acquire an additional financial product such as a loan, CD, or income marketplace account. Since it’s 8-10 times some-more dear to acquire new customers, and a normal consumer owns 7 banking products widespread opposite mixed financial institutions, banks are blank out on a multi-billion dollar cross-sell opportunity. The new Micronotes products residence this plea by requesting appurtenance training to patron information and talk responses. This formula in successful cross-selling campaigns while deepening existent patron relationships.

“Every landowner knows that patron interviews broach insight, engagement, and sales that outperform all other selling efforts, though interviews are time consuming, expensive, and headed for annihilation along with bend traffic,” pronounced Devon Kinkead, found and CEO, Micronotes. “But now, by a apartment of new products, financial institutions can automate interviews, expostulate cross-sales, and boost patron rendezvous but requiring a extensive IT formation plan or plan budget.”

The new products include:

Micronotes Cross-Sell Basic™: Allows bank marketers to simply and unobtrusively rivet competent business online during logout regulating 3 brief, high impact interviews. The interviews are formed on a Net Promoter Score®, expected life events such as a squeeze of a new automobile or home, and confidence discerning contribution such as how to stay protected in a face of: Phishing attacks, selling scams, cue theft, and ATM bandits.

Micronotes Cross-Sell Pro™: Engages existent business when they are banking online. The product is commissioned on a high trade secure-side of online banking where user marker is critical. Pro facilitates personalized, secure, one-on-one online interviews formed on user profiles and talk responses and afterwards routes sales leads to a suitable sales contact. Pro requires a information feed and designation by Micronotes.

Micronotes Cross-Sell Enterprise™: Provides bank marketers with a ability to rivet business by online banking, mobile banking, text, and amicable media including Facebook and Twitter. The full cross-channel talk selling complement simply integrates with a bank’s email or CRM systems. Enterprise also requires a information feed and installation.

Across all of a products, Micronotes interviews typically take fewer than 12 seconds to finish and a normal fragment of business enchanting in a talk routine in any month is 32 percent.

Pricing for all 3 products is formed on a distance of a active digital user base, lead-generation and sales opening and starts during $750 per month for business with fewer than 75,000 active online banking customers, and lead charges.

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