Farmers have turn internet-savvy in a villages of Karnataka. They have started offered their furnish online, browsing by prices quoted by traders, usurpation a one that suits them a best, and removing paid online.

The Unified Marketing Platform (UMP), an beginning by a state government, was launched in 2014 by a Rashtriya e-Market Services (ReMS). It facilitates communication between traders and farmers.



Middlemen eat adult roughly 75% of a final price, withdrawal really small for a farmers so being a categorical interruption to farmers being means to make ends meet. However a UMP has managed to discharge middlemen all together. Farmers now have a ability to sell their furnish for a cost they want.

Traders mostly check payments, infrequently adult to weeks or months. With UMP though, farmers can now accept SMS alerts from their banks when exchange have been confirmed. The remuneration is roughly immediate.

Currently, roughly 103 Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs) have been integrated into a UMP system, out of a existent 157. According to a ReMS, a rest of a APMCs would also be integrated in a year’s time.

About 1.4 million farmers have been purebred with a system. For those who are still new to a thought or doubtful, a ReMS provides training by members of a APMC. The aim is training during slightest 200 farmers from each village, creation a overdo tremendous.

R. Manoj, handling ReMS said, “The success of this new online selling complement has combined ripples and will change a rural zone in a country, severely benefiting bad farmers and other stakeholders in rural markets.”

Seeing how this indication works wonders for farmers, many other states have called for replicating a system. Ten of Andhra Pradesh’s vital markets have implemented a model.

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