The latest malware shock competence be a many terrifying to date.

Mobile confidence association Skycure co-founders Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit announced during a RSA discussion in San Francisco this week that a new form of malware puts a immeasurable infancy of Android device users during risk. Called “accessibility clickjacking,” it’s one of a some-more inventive methods of gaining entrance to someone’s phone.

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As Skycure explains, clickjacking is a technique that tricks victims into clicking on an element that competence not indeed seem on a screen. By overlaying something comparatively soft on a display, a user competence be manually permitting entrance to his or her phone but ever knowing the difference.

“Accessibility Clickjacking can concede antagonistic applications to entrance all text-based supportive information on an putrescent Android device, as good as take programmed actions around other apps or a handling system, but a victim’s consent,” Skycure explains. “This would embody all personal and work emails, SMS messages, information from messaging apps, supportive information on business applications such as CRM software, selling automation program and more.”

If we wish to see accessibility clickjacking in action, only watch a video from Skycure below, that utilizes a giveaway ‘Rick and Morty’-themed diversion to get users to unknowingly capacitate certain accessibility features:

The many frightening aspect of this find is that Skycure was means to replicate a disadvantage on 65% of Android inclination — fundamentally anything from Android 2.2 Froyo to Android 4.4 KitKat. Unless you’re upgraded to Lollipop or above, we could potentially be a plant of accessibility clickjacking in a future.

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