Ryan Leslie gave any fan his phone number. It’s (646) 887-6978. But instead of a million neglected phone calls, it’s creation him income and giving him deeper comprehension about his listeners than anyone in a strain business.

That’s since A16z’s Ben Horowitz, Betaworks, and some-more investors usually put a $1.5 million seed turn into Leslie’s startup Disruptive Multimedia. It’s branch a SMS-based CRM and approach sales apparatus called Superphone that Leslie coded himself into a product any luminary or creator can use to galvanize and monetize their audience.

“We’re building a approach for artists to possess their attribute with their fans,” Leslie tells me. Beyond his possess hip-hop and RB recordings, Leslie rose to fame producing for artists like Snoop Dogg, Cassie and Usher. “What I started to find was that amicable networks were anti-social networks,” a musician says.

With platforms like Facebook and Twitter proof dangerous ways to strech fans, and a mobile era sidestepping email, Superphone builds a bond on a many absolute square of hit information: a phone number.

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There’s now 2700 Superphone private beta clients opposite verticals, including musicians like Lil Wayne and Kevin Jonas as good as authors like Bonin Bough. For a price formed on how many content messages they send and a 5 percent taxation on e-commerce payments, they know accurately who any of their fans are, how many they’ve spent, and can send them personalized messages and sales offers.

Leslie says “I consider there’s a crazy correlation between how mostly we hit your business and how many we acquire from your customers.”

Call ’em on my Superphone

Here’s how Superphone works. Celebrities and other clients can discharge a special phone series connected to their Superphone account. Any time a fan calls or texts it, or buys something on one of their online stores and fills out a form, they get a acquire summary call them to yield some personal info. That could embody location, biographical info, or any information form a patron wants to shred their assembly by.

Superphone creates a next-generation phone book that’s indeed some-more of a patron attribute government tool. For now it’s a web apparatus yet a Superphone group hopes to have local apps accessible in a subsequent few weeks. The Superphone dashboard lets clients perspective charts and graphs of who is profitable for what so they can file in on their many critical fans.

Superhpone Dashboard

Via Twilio’s SMS service, clients can send selling and sales messages to any cross-section of their fans. That could be everybody for a new manuscript recover or a elementary appreciate you, ones that live in a certain city to foster a concert, or usually ones who’ve spent over $100 for a special eventuality entice or disdainful VIP opportunity. Those messages can embody Shopify or other sales links where fans can store credit label info or now make purchases.

Turning conversations into customers

Leslie now has 40,000 fans in his Superphonebook. When he requisitioned an impracticable New Year’s Eve unison during a palace in Vienna, he was means to entice his highest-paying fans in Europe to attend. He sole 200 tickets during $1,700 a cocktail in 48 hours — all by Superphone. Meanwhile, he has a “lifetime album” where people oath to compensate $1 to $100 any time he releases a strain so they’re a initial to hear it.


Ryan Leslie

Not too unfair for a product Leslie built v1 of dual years after operative yet Codeacademy’s tutorials. Thanks to a intense recommendation from Bevel’s Tristan Walker, Leslie connected with famed financier and lifelong hip-hop fan Ben Horowitz who concluded to lead his seed round. Now that $1.5 million has sealed with appearance from a prolonged list of supports and angels

[MOOR MOOR AB, Betaworks, Anxa Holding, Donald Katz, Keith Smith, Linda Bernard, Anthony G. Aguila, Base LV Tech, Judge Ventures, Kofi Kankam, Nnemdi Kamanu Elias, Robert T. Melvin, Ryan Babel, Shanti Kandasamy, BPG Fund, Jennifer Byrne, Radiary Creations, LLC, Taj Clayton, RPM, Sherrese Clark-Soares, Mychal Kendricks, Williams Anderson Investments, Monami Entertainment, Galvanize Ventures, and Transmedia Ventures.]

Next, Leslie will be employing out a growth team. He says “the long-term prophesy is to take AI and appurtenance training and supplement that comprehension covering on tip of any messaging height since it’s a conversations we consider are a many valuable.”

While everybody else buys ads, plays good with a press, and, blasts out amicable media perplexing to strech fans, Superphone lets creators simply speak to a directly like they would any of their friends.

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