Every year brings with it new opportunities for digital success, and in this post, we will see my digital movers and shakers watch list for 2016.

The concentration has been on a tip hunt selling and digital trends to keep a demeanour out for so we can cruise adding them into your selling brew some-more effectively (or for a initial time) as we pierce serve into 2016.

Social Media Slows though Will Continue to Grow

I feel like we am intrigue rather by adding this in, however, when looking during a dominant, unstoppable army for 2016, we can't replace amicable media. With new amicable media platforms entering a marketplace and existent channels stability to grow, this amicable media take over is distant from over, nonetheless we design a channel specific expansion to delayed somewhat.

Search Engine Journal’s Aki Libo-on wrote about this social media expansion infographic that covers all from active users and annual growth, by to user demographics and height stats. Here’s a dash from a infographic:

SEJ annual amicable network user expansion worldwide 2012-2018

According to a recent news from Our Social Times:

  • Over a 9 month period, a expansion of Instagram distant exceeded that of other amicable media platforms, including a growth emanate (between Mar and Dec 2014) where it surpassed a 300 million user symbol and stretched a assembly by approximately 50 percent
  • Facebook, surprisingly, had some-more video views in a singular month that YouTube from desktops, however, a change in a Facebook video ‘auto play’ functionality expected had a proceed impact on that
  • Snapchat is one of a fastest flourishing amicable media and messaging apps with 6 monthly expansion in 2014 surpassing that of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and many other alternatives

Low-Cost Marketing Will Expand—It’s Not All About Emails

When we cruise of low-cost selling a initial object that mostly springs to mind is email marketing. By 2016, we would suppose that a immeasurable infancy of businesses have trialed incorporating emails for newsletters, association  updates, attention changes, promotions, sparkling news and more. By comparison, a fewer commission will have stretched this low-cost selling range to incorporate equipment like calm selling (also famous as SMS selling and mobile marketing), though there is a flourishing trend.

According to UK SMS providers, Textlocal’s M-Commerce’ white paper, a association who we work with,:

Almost 4 million group and women in a UK are penetrating to hear from retailers by calm during slightest once per month.

When we start to enlarge a forms of low-cost selling and enhance a areas within a selling brew that to employ, we will be astounded by a responses gained, even from a same placement lists. One of a factors for this is that people digest communication differently, so acknowledging that in a farrago of approaches to your aim assembly will urge pivotal opening metrics like open rates, response rates, and more.

Digital Marketing Will Become Even More Integrated in 2016

When we have graphic hunt selling and digital imagination collaboratively working, we will be means to lessen many of a drawbacks of one selling channel with a advantages of another. From initial design environment and plan creation, by to marker of pivotal results, metrics for defining success, and eventually actions finished – many some-more businesses will be investing in integrated hunt selling as 2016 progresses.

Below we can see an instance of a digital integrated operative model:

A indication to uncover how SEO, socila media, PPC, and other digital mediums can effectively work together

To support effective integrated working, companies will turn some-more artistic in their smoothness approaches including inner staff interaction, as good as a operative relations with outmost use providers, changing a chronological outsourcing proceed to boost a outmost group mentality.

Omni-channel selling (really another means to report multi-channel marketing) was a quick flourishing buzzword in 2015 (starting a expansion in late 2013), and a trend is set to continue globally in 2016, too. Here is an instance of what this trend looks like (you can see a Google Trend here):

omni channel selling trends 2016

Mobile Will be Included in Every Marketing Strategy

The expansion of mobile hunt has been good documented and a recent investigate from Smart Insights tells us that this trend is going to sojourn active for some time to come. Mobile device targeting is not a new trend, though many businesses have not nonetheless embraced it fully, or focused on a mobile event adequate to see it strech anywhere nearby a loyal ROI potential.  A few pivotal points from this new investigate embody a following.

Global mobile device users: Mobile users surpass desktop users on a tellurian scale, this means that a event to beget business value from effective mobile selling has never been larger than it is right now. An augmenting series of marketers are changing their proceed to simulate this, and we see this stability to build some movement by 2016. There is some suggested plateauing of this, though we do not see 2016 being a time-frame in that this comes to fruition.

Internet entrance types: People are spending a infancy of their daily internet observation time regulating mobile devices, in fact, 51% of a sum time spent in 2015 was with mobile phones and devices. When we cruise a mostly few mobile internet entrance (consider equipment like walking to and from locations, durations of operative day downtime (breaks, etc.) and mostly discerning internet entrance actions between tasks) this will figure many selling approaches formed on this and other behavioral marker too.

Mobile ad spend: Compared to a volume of time people spend regulating mobile phones for accessing a Internet, a ad spend is disproportionately reduce than a opportunity. This shows that there is a loiter time between consumer record uptake and selling concentration and spend. This will change a serve we pierce into 2016. While new entrance into a mobile promotion space is no longer an choice (as it’s intensity is widely known), maximising this channel still provides many new opportunities.

Data: It’s Getting Bigger and it’s Real Time

When looking during digital attention trends and pivotal movers and shakers conversion approaches to use delivery, we can't disremember a purpose of large information and real-time data. Marketers have entrance to some-more information than during any other theatre of tellurian existence, and a plea for successful digital selling in 2016 and over is origination definition from all this data.

Data fuels all from calm origination and insights, by to stating and plan refinement. If we are origination any digital decisions but data, we are expected unaware a resources of additional opportunity.

A information use blueprint from Vertical Leap to uncover integrated group information use

Here’s an instance of a low information height in action. This is a Apollo Insights height with information from a group we work for, Vertical Leap. The screenshot demonstrates flexible dashboard functionality, pulling in singular information sets for generating insights from information:

Deep information height - Apollo Insights - Vertical Leap

What’s Next?

The digital attention is always relocating during a quick pace, and maybe it is a speed of change that is a categorical constant.

While we am assured in my predictions for 2016 digital trends to watch out for, we am wakeful that there is so most some-more that can be combined to my list. On this point, we would adore to hear what we cruise about my predictions for digital trend movers and shakers in 2016, as good as your possess predictions.

Looking brazen to conference your thoughts and feedback.


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In-post Photo #1: Screenshot by Lee Wilson. Taken Feb 2016.
In-post Photos #2, #4, and #5: Images by Vertical Leap. Used with permission.
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